Now that you are here – a little inside information!

I create. I research. I like to inspire. I enjoy writing and have a wide range of interests. People surprise me and supplement my learning often.

I come from a background of a large family with a very “organized” and influential mother. My working background has been in administration with a variety of small business. I have been thankful to cover many industries and experiences.

Currently, I have had a Facebook page for over 6 years on Clothing styles – whether Classic, Chic, Feminine, Vintage, Artsy, Street Style right through to Bohemian. This includes locating clothing styles for the woman who is getting to know herself and to be happy where she may be. That does not discount striving for change or better things. Organizing is my thing too and I have a group I work with on Facebook where we chat about more than just Organizing but also business promotion and the home.

I love to find practical ideas for setting up a garden. Add to these easy ideas for organizing, including down-scaling living simply and looking out for the environment. I find myself a “forever learner”. I have a penchant for having colors, styles, textures be a good mix. I draw parallels between the diversity of nature from simplicity to embellishment. I enjoy doing Graphics and Taglines online with a simplicity stance.  Check my Portfolio I also add to my skills – proof-reading and editing – except of course my own! That’s for someone else to do. I have to come back several times if I’m proof-reading my own – so if you get there before me – do let me know.

One of my deepest struggles is dealing with issues of stigma. I have had to deal with it myself before I could understand how others also deal with it. My “biggie” issue that has stumped me till recently is Auditory Processing Difficulty. I have a sense of calm once I knew what I was dealing with. I pro-actively deal with it and now go on to bigger and better things. It affects neither my knowledge nor my hearing – only how my “brain hears” when processing information. Thankfully over the years – not only have I found ways to deal with it – I have now found further helpful information. 

Slack or full days are dependant on how I approach them. That approach is to not try to “control” life too much. I leave that to God who knows me and wants to guide. How easy it is to try and work it all out myself and worry about the future. To my mind worry hasn’t yet solved any problems and I work towards solutions with His Wisdom.

Functionality in life is important to me. I am aware that what people “see” makes a difference in how they interpret. I remind you to not only look – but experience life in other facets. Both with relationships and your environment. Think of me as a “reminder”.

Since I have always had an interest in organizing this has helped me achieve more. I find easy ways to organize with Plan A but ready and willing to switch to Plan B. I aim to be happy with being a Plan B person with some Type A sensibilities. I find many of us have “seasons” of times when being too committed won’t work. Life gets in the way. Plan B often is the best for keeping me in a peaceful frame of mind. We may have goals (that is not wholly a negative thing) but often we may find that God in his mercy sees other things more important. We never know “what a new day brings forth”. (Proverbs 27:1)

With crossing paths for a reason dear Reader, I look forward to “why”.

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