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You need to get jobs done but it seems everything gets on top of you. Tasks load one upon another and as soon as you get to one another one seems to “demand” your attention. How do you get things achieved in an orderly fashion and do what is important and make decisions on what is?  “My best tips for a productive day” may be just what the Doctor ordered!

First and foremost – take a deep breath. You didn’t get this way over-night and it may not all get repaired overnight, but you can certainly be put on the road where you feel a lot more relieved in your direction.

Here are some of my best tips to gain a good advance on your productivity and time management. The art of being productive can be developed – so don’t be put off by how much you have to do.

Digital clock showing time

Time is an important commodity

The art of being productive can be developed

  • Get an early start – even if it’s the night before! Yes you heard me right. If you find you are a night owl, start doing tasks for the next day the night before. This includes any home tasks, being prepared for the next day and setting up of what you have to do of the digital kind.
  • Have a regular de-clutter I can’t emphasize enough the effect a clean desk and a clean-up in general have of your own peace of mind. It pays dividends. Try it out each day!
  • It pays to have written down or put in your scheduler your “daily plan of to do’s” if possible or a “weekly aims” list at least. If you aren’t privy to that early start – making sure you have accomplished tasks the night before can make up for this. (at least a major part.) Work on your three main to do’s each day.
  • Best of all write down your goals and dreams and refer to at least once a month.  It has been found that having written goals means you have a 42% more likelihood of getting them done. Don’t you think that is an excellent reason for having them in print? Self development secrets covers it extremely well in an article they have on how writing down your goals can help you achieve them.
  • Include dynamic “to do’s”. This is things you really enjoy doing on your list. If you find that it is too full of those things where you drag your feet chat to someone about what direction you need to take. Consider using using  Quora or any other network you are in about ideas with direction. Finding the right kind of work for you means it won’t feel like work and you will be highly productive as a result.
  • Use your time wisely. When you have a great deal on your plate define what is urgent and what is important. Do urgent first, assess what is important and prioritize this. Drop any other – but put it on a “Some day – perhaps” for those times you may think there are things you may wish to re-assess. Remember in life – there are things “you would like to do” – just the time may not be yet.
  • Learn to say “no”. There are many things you can say this to. Make way for health and family commitments – realize their importance. Do put some digital “presence” in it’s proper perspective. You may find it’s an “out” for when you want to de-stress (perhaps) – but do remember it’s a time suck. Also be aware of who you say yes to. That is a chunk of your life and wise assessment will show you the way. Faith can give real guidance here.
  • Limit multi-tasking – unless you have simpler tasks. The reason for this is because when you focus on the task at hand you complete it in less time other than changing from one thing to the other. So limit all outside interference so to increase being productive.
  • Eliminate distractions – This one is self-explanatory. At the out-set of your day – have knowledge about when you can block time off for bigger tasks to focus on. Do not check email and social media periodically as I’ve said in the previous point about interference. Make checking a limit of three times per day. Expecting something important? Consider having that tab open – for quick response if it’s a critical time response that is needed. A phone call? If possible divert or let it go to message bank until you check back within one of your three “checking” times.
  • Delegate to your team, your VA, your children, your husband or your cleaner. If you have too much to do – assess and see who you can take on board to help out so that you may increase your own productivity. Consider all possibilities.
  • Review your day – this is key to educating yourself on where you are headed and where you are spending most time on. Next to do is to review your week and then your month. Have a digital way of doing this such as Toggl or an alternative is a Bullet Journal if you prefer to write it down..
  • Have a cheer squad – Weekly in a Facebook group for Business & Home promotion. It only needs to take 3 or 4 minutes to actually put down what you have achieved – but it is worth your time. It is so easy to look at what you haven’t achieved – but negate that!
  • Consider having a record of Gratitude.There are many positives including a sense of calm, lack of stress and a help of gaining a new perspective being some.  If this doesn’t work consider letting people in your arena know that you are grateful for them An attitude of gratitude that you carry into your day – helps for a positive attitude and outlook on the world. To me it is a gift of God that I like to share.Don’t think that doing this cuts into your productivity. No – it adds to it!

Turn your day into a productive one

Re-assess where you are and don’t be discouraged when things don’t go to plan. That happens to us all. That is life – but remember sometimes we get more achieved than we plan for – but in a different way. Remember if Plan A doesn’t work – go for Plan B. Remember – we do achieve everyday. It’s looking at “what” and “how much” and why it’s okay to let some things “slide”.


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